Deciduous Bonsai

Fall Color!

liquidambar fall leaf

Deciduous bonsai are all about changing with the seasons. The best of them, such as Elms, Maples, and Liquidambars, will display four distinct looks, one for each season. From bare winter branches, to the bright green buds of spring, to a leafy summer look, to the bright, bold colors of fall, your deciduous bonsai will give you something to look forward to with each new season.

Deciduous trees for bonsai are typically from northern temperate climes, are adapted to severe winter weather, and are frost tolerant. In fact, your worst problem with them may be getting reliable fall color if you live in a place with mild winters. They are a good choice if you live in a place with very cold winter weather.

trident maple, fall color

Most deciduous bonsai must be repotted and/or root pruned in late winter or very early spring, either while still dormant, or just as they are beginning spring growth. They will put on rapid growth during spring and summer, and then new growth will harden off in late summer and early fall, in preparation for winter. For those trees that show fall color, fall is an exciting time.

Even the bare branches of winter can be interesting and exciting with a bonsai. In fact, some bonsai shows are devoted entirely to showing deciduous trees in their bare winter state, in order to display fine, intricate branch structure.

The pages grouped under this one all deal with deciduous bonsai, and their care. Enjoy!